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While doing our twitter posts, I took care not to fuel the marketing engine of Apple too much by mentioning the iPAD all the time. But after its launch in the U.S. it’s perhaps time to follow up on that. I was asking myself: is this just a huge ‘media craze’ tending to become some kind of selffulfilling prophecy? But that’s probably just because I never held an iPAD in my own hands up to now. At least it seems to redefine the term ‘usability’ for the masses and reduces the computer to what it was originally supposed to be: a seemingly simple yet elegant I/O device. Now it sets out to invade the netbook market, and perhaps other segments as well. As for the future of Steve Jobs’ latest child, the AppStore download figures and market research results by Gartner suggest considerable growth potential for tablet PCs (to some degree our commonsense seems to confirm these predictions).

iPad Simulator and Chrome showing web video
Image by ajstarks via Flickr

But there were other issues in the news fighting for my attention as well, such as the researchers from KIT in Karlsruhe who developed the first 3D stealth cloak some weeks ago. Will the price for applying this technology develop just as the price of computing capacity decreased in the past? Questions upon questions! And while 3D technology as used for Cameron’s Avatar keeps inspiring television manufacturers and especially cinema owners, some Canadian students from the University of British Columbia came up with yet another alternative called pCubee. The trick here is obviously a rather simple technological approach concerning a 3D ‘look and feel’ inside a box. Other interesting news items of the last weeks were: IPO of RealD, the Ofcom vs. Sky battle on price regulation for premium sports services etc. … too much to go into detail here, but we’ll keep an eye on that.

Despite the exciting times we’re living in, it’s now high time to prepare for MIPTV in Cannes next week! If you happen to be there, let us know … would be a pleasure to meet you there!


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