SWIM 2010 in Saragoza

For young students aiming to launch their career in the audiovisual sector, it is particularly essential to ‘face’  the challenges of a new media business environment that is permanently fueled by the ongoing digital revolution.

More than 50 European undergraduate students took part in the 3rd edition of the seminar ‘SWIM in the Digital World’ from 27 May to 13 June 2010, at San Jorge University in Zaragoza (Spain). In order to find practical solutions for real world problems in digital media busines, the seminar combined case studies and accompanying lectures by renowned tutors from across Europe. In two concrete scenarios, the students proposed and elaborated ways of applying promising means for financing a media related project:

– Are crowdsourcing and crowdfunding a new goldmine for financing film projects?
– Bringing the archives of Radio Free Europe back to Romania.

After the student groups presented their in-depth analysis and approach to solving the problem, their performance had been evaluated and assessed by a jury consisting of members from the EU Media Programme, Sciencescom, SWIM, etma, the University of Babes-Bolyai in Romania as well as the University of Arts in Berlin. Alongside the professional exchange and input, the students also had the occasion to experience the dynamics of intercultural teamwork with English being the official course language.

etma used this occasion to focus on the skills that today’s media industry requires with a special emphasis on management practices for the audiovisual sector. While illustrating the shifts from traditional models of broadcast television to the vast amount of channels and platforms available today, the key elements determining this new media economy were highlighted: the pace of technological development, more fragmented and connected audiences, new metrics allowing for a more targeted advertising, more transparency in all aspects, the impact of social media on a global scale and the role of entrepreneurship respectively new businesses in a rapidly changing media environment. Based on this overview, selected modules of etma’s Media Management programme (DLP) were introduced in detail in order to illustrate how managerial skills are increasingly becoming an essential part of a sustainable and competitive European media industry.

Apart from providing essential professional guidance to students prior to starting their career, the seminar in Saragoza very much supported the students in creating a clear vision of how a European media landscape and culture can evolve while maintaining it’s own identity.


Click for more details on the latest SWIM seminar in Saragoza

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