Summer 2011: Media Business ‘Case Study’ Competition in Strasbourg

European Students to find Solutions for Challenges in Today's Media Business

From June 27 to 2 July 2011, the media business school etma in Strasbourg, France, will become the hub for a variety of young and innovative European students who are ready to find solutions for some of the most pressing issues of today’s media industry. The event will provide an exciting opportunity for delegate university teams to explore real-world business problems in a case study competition called the ‘etma case challenge’. The teams will work on three categories of cases covering cinema, television and new media with a cash prize of EUR 4000,00 for the winning team in each of the categories. A jury of recognized academics, potential employers and industry professionals will assess the presented solutions and overall performance. The three winning teams will then, in a final step, compete again for the “super trophy”, the top prize of the event.

The etma case challenge is the first of its kind in Europe in the digital media sector, open to all European higher education institutions that offer courses in Communication, Media or Journalism. Participating Teams will consist of one faculty tutor and four students each. In case you should be interested please visit (website to go live on 18 February 2011) for further details concerning the application procedure or contact one the official responsibles whose contact details can be found at the end of this article.

Why a Digital Media Forum in Strasbourg?
There are currently no Europe-wide forums or events for students at the Masters level in Media, Marketing, Communication or Journalism. This is different from film school students who meet up regularly at international festivals such as Cannes, San Sebastian, Brussels and Berlin, and participate in student film contests or Master classes. Academic programmes in Media have rapidly developed over the past few years but they tend to be spread out over Europe. There is also a lack of recognition for these students’ achievements at the international scale. Hence the need for a European Forum for Communication and Media students: a forum which will be both an event and a place for interacting with professionals and employers from the audiovisual industry.

For more detailed description please also see:
The etma Case Competition (PDF document)


Paul Pauwels
Director etma (Strasbourg)
Tel.: +33 (0)3 88 37 26 50
write an email

Jean-Phillipe Raffard
Associate Professor, SciencesCOM
Tel.: +33 (0)2 40 44 90 26
write an email
(website to go live on 18 February 2011)

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