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Media Business in Practice: The e.CC Digital Media Case Study Competition

The e.CC Case Study Competition


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Let’s talk about Leadership!

Leadership Skills for Media Professionals

All sectors of modern life require profound leadership skills in order to set corporate goals and achieve them by mobilising a company’s workforce. This is probably even more true for the media industry in it’s current state of constant change. In order to update their knowledge and exchange their views, European media executives from a variety of broadcasters and production companies gathered in Strasbourg for our most recent EMELP workshop (19 to 24 June). The session delivered a platform to exchange and explore questions like: how does your company position itself to provide value as language barriers and borders erode? How do you build a brand that has national and international strength? How do you leverage a collaborative network of talent to innovate and deliver content the customer will pay for? Read the rest of this entry »

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