Let’s talk about Leadership!

Leadership Skills for Media Professionals

All sectors of modern life require profound leadership skills in order to set corporate goals and achieve them by mobilising a company’s workforce. This is probably even more true for the media industry in it’s current state of constant change. In order to update their knowledge and exchange their views, European media executives from a variety of broadcasters and production companies gathered in Strasbourg for our most recent EMELP workshop (19 to 24 June). The session delivered a platform to exchange and explore questions like: how does your company position itself to provide value as language barriers and borders erode? How do you build a brand that has national and international strength? How do you leverage a collaborative network of talent to innovate and deliver content the customer will pay for?

Among the participants were representatives from: Spiegel Geschichte TV, Discovery Networks, Discovery Communications Europe Ltd., Voice of Nigeria, Medialab, Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF), SBS TV, Congoo NV, TV5 Finland, ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG, National Geographic TV International, Star Channel and December Films

EMELP 2011 Participants

The above group – consisting of both content providers and content distributors – spent an intense week on lectures, discussions, case studies /challenges and personal leadership style development. The course was conducted by Doug Macnamara and Pat Ferns (International Institute for Television Leadership), assisted by experts from the world of broadcasting, financing and innovation. Based on the so called leadership systems model, the approach included a detailed analysis of the current business environment; positioning of the product/service to be developed; defining the unique selling propositions as well as devising an action plan for further implementation. Beyond the pure business-related aspects the session also provided the opportunity to explore the individual thinking- and leadership styles. Exploring the group dynamics as well as analysing the personal approach to lead a team was certainly a rare occasion for executives to practice and to receive unbiased feedback.

All in all, the EMELP programme is aimed at fostering the exchange of good practices between European and international media executives in order to respond to their unique developmental needs and –demands, in the context of their personal learning plan and peer network expectations. We already look forward to welcoming the next group of TV and media executives to Strasbourg very soon!


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